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Adventure holidays Lismore ireland

Whether waterskiing or hang gliding, the lush green Co. Waterford Irish countryside and wild ocean waves of the copper Coast offer the ideal backdrop for some pulse-racing adventure sports

Ireland’s a country that’s packed with unexpected adventures. Not least of which is the very special Irish adventure that involves trying to find your way home after a night in an Irish country pub. So if you’re after a something that gets your pulse racing faster than a thoroughbred racehorse, then Waterford in the Emerald Isle is your number one destination.

With surprises around every corner, a backdrop of exhilarating and beautiful countryside and a whole host of thrilling activities, Waterford Ireland has it covered, so why not escape the ordinary with some abseiling, rock climbing, hang gliding, caving, archery or jet-skiing.

What’s on offer?

In Ireland, caving is growing in popularity with excellent caving opportunities in places like The
Knockmealdown Mountains.

Hang-gliding and paragliding
Why not experience the ultimate adventure sport in Ireland and see the landscape from a totally unique angle with a hang gliding or paragliding lesson.

Go skydiving and see the whole of Ireland Dont forget your camera!

Rock Climbing
Climbing season in Ireland is generally March to October and there is a varied collection of climbing areas around Waterford Ireland that enjoy a great reputation of could climing for the experienced and novice alike.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Waterford Copper Coast offers a total thrill with visibility in many places proving incredibly clear and a whole host of exciting spots to explore from ship wrecks to craggy coastlines. The season in Ireland usually runs from around March to October and there are plenty of places to dive

Fancy entering the Irish National Surfing Championships or just want to take to tackle the crashing Atlantic waves off a pretty beach on the Copper Coast, Ireland has something to offer both the professional and the recreational surfer.

Whether you want to hurtle down rapids along the or waterski along the stunning Blackwater, Ireland is one of the premier destinations in Europe for every kind of watersport imaginable.


If you are a novice or serious horse fanatic you can find a suitable ride gallop over the wide countryside or take a slow trek its your choice!

Please ask for more details upon your arrival thank you.

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